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Visual FoxPro Consultants

Visual FoxPro consulting and development

Visual FoxPro Development

We provide visual FoxPro consulting and development, and all related services for Visual FoxPro (VFP) and Microsoft SQL Server database systems. We utilize Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 for all of the Visual FoxPro projects that require a Visual FoxPro database. We also use Visual FoxPro as the front to MS SQL 2016.

We can provide expert Visual FoxPro Database development across multiple platforms. Our expertise in custom Visual FoxPro development is the result of 25 years of experience in Visual FoxPro world. Our team of Visual FoxPro consultants/developers derives its expertise in Visual FoxPro technology from their experience in multiple projects in different industries.

Programming with Visual FoxPro

We wrote our first FoxBase program in 1985 and has stayed with this development tool through all its incarnations up to Visual FoxPro 9. Our company has developed many Visual FoxPro applications over the years and still maintains many of of them. We developed applications for variey of different industries, and also were involved in developing a full accounting application to a major electrical distributor.

Visual FoxPro Services:

We provide a range of services on Visual FoxPro:

  • Visual FoxPro development, consulting and programming/scripting services
  • Visual FoxPro QA and testing services
  • Visual FoxPro client/server application development
  • Visual FoxPro software maintenance and support services
  • Visual FoxPro porting and migration services
  • Visual FoxPro database design services
  • Visual FoxPro data integration, data exchange
  • Visual FoxPro Web designing and development

FoxPro Network/Client-Server Application Development

Our Visual FoxPro consultants have tremendous experience in delivering a network and multi-user client-server database applications.

Visual FoxPro Website Development

Our Visual FoxPro Web Application Developers have wide experience in Web Application Development using West Wind Web Connection(Visual FoxPro), JavaScript, xHtml, and various versions of Visual FoxPro on Windows.

Our report and query engine

For our application development we utilize our Report and Query engine Report Writer which is sold all over the world.